Brandon Granger

Founder / Personal Trainer

"My mission as a wellness coach and trainer is to help you fall back in love with yourself. I will guide you on your fitness journey, and in doing so I will inspire you to achieve more than you thought was possible."

Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science with over 7 years of experience as a certified personal trainer and wellness coach.


Makayla Cragg

Personal Trainer

"My passion for fitness and to help others achieve their goals grows stronger every day."


Personal trainer that is currently minoring in Cardiac Sonography with a completed 1-year education in General Nutrition. Online coach for 3-years.



Gary Klein

Personal Trainer

"My goal is to maximize our time together and to promote and influence the body's natural ability to heal, re-learn and improve performance."


Certified personal trainer that specializes in functional fitness. Main focus is to resolve pain, prevent injury, and optimizing athletic performance.