Eating well on a budget

Updated: Apr 14, 2019

Save time, money, and health.

What's on your cutting board???

Plan before you shop

Try sitting down and writing up some meals before you head to the store. Having a plan for your week ahead can help with some needless spending on going out to eat or getting grocery items with no meals in mind. That could lead to snacking all week. There are a lot of great apps that can assist you, Pintrest is my favorite.

Stick to your grocery list

Shop with intention and a plan, not with your eyes and stomachs. It's easy to get suckered into a good deal or some sweet treats with clever marketing, cool colors, and neat packaging, but that won't serve your fitness goals or your wallets. Stick to the plan, people! There can be a time and place for something sweet, but your weekly shopping trip isn't it. Self-discipline will serve you well.

Cook and Freeze

If you guys are anything like me, you get sick of trying to come up with something new. You may get so hungry in the moment that you don't feel like making something from scratch. And if you haven't prepped, that's when you fall off the wagon the most. That's when I USED to fall of the wagon, that is. Take full advantage of the moments when you feel motivated. For example, I make homemade black bean burgers, 12 -15 at a time, when I'm feeling particularly enthused. I eat one and then freeze the rest. This way, each time I'm feeling hungry, I can just pull one out of the freezer and have a healthy meal in a matter of minutes.

Same foods, different ways

I like some variety when I eat, but I don't want to spend the extra money. For example: I love chicken but even for me it can get old. One thing that I like to do is experiment with different seasonings and sauces (homemade of course) this can really help keep your food cost down and your taste buds TURNT (loving it). It's a win win win (The Office reference). The kitchen is meant to cook food that will enrich the quality of your life! Don't forget to have fun and experiment with different foods and flavors.

Don't Shop when you're hungry

I could stop with just the title here, but lets talk about it. DON'T. DO. IT. (the scenario that Nike didn't think of.) While you're at it, touch a hot stove and play in the road. Bad things happen when you shop hungry. You will overspend and buy junk you don't need. All that just to spend more money eating out on your way home from the store.

Stop eating out

The Average American spends $232 a month going out to eat. What if you spent that on a gym membership? A personal trainer? A personal growth book? Helping out a neighbor? Investing it? "What gets measured, gets managed." I would encourage any of you to track your spending for 30 days, every cent! See where it goes. I think you will be very surprised on how much money you could save when you're tracking your spending.

Cook at home

Now isn't this a riveting idea, this goes in hand with the few tips above. Plan your meals, don't eat out, cook and freeze. Spending time cooking meals at home can help save you a ton of money! It can also save your life, I preach this to my clients. Cooking at home is a lost art, we really need to slow down and educate not only ourselves but also our children on how to prep and cook foods that heal our bodies. If kids don't know what different foods are or how to cook them, they won't eat it. Don't forget to slow down from your busy lives, put down the electronics, communicate with one another, laugh, have a food fight, or steal a roll off someone's plate while you're praying to bless the food (a childhood favorite of mine). This tip goes beyond saving money or eating healthy, it allows for time to unwind and connect with your family or friends. One of our basic human needs is love and connection and meal time is a great place for this.

Cook larger portions and eat leftovers

If you don't like leftovers you can skip this section. Whatever I make for dinner I will section out and pack for my lunches the next day. This is a great alternative to meal prepping.

Stop buying junk food

Junk food has no nutritional value and is normally full of sugar or additives that leave you feeling drained and moody. Healthy foods can keep your energy up without the crashes that come from junk food. It can also save money because eating foods that cause a crash tend to have you reaching for a pop, coffee, or more junk food to bring you back up. You can see how poor food choices can lead you to spend more and more money.

Grow your own garden

How cool is the Earth? You can just put stuff in dirt and it will grow and then you can it eat! It was just a seed and now it's a freaking cucumber! You get the idea. There is a little investment up front to buy seeds and dirt, or build raised beds-- it all depends how big you're going to go-- but the yield is so rewarding. You will save big money in the long run. So turnip the beet and get to growing.

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